Patterson Institute for
Integrative Oncology Research
Established in 2016, The Patterson Institute expands the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s excellence in integrative cancer research and education and aims to develop a stronger evidence base for integrative cancer therapies.
The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that cancer is the second leading cause of death and more than 25 million people are living with cancer. In 2015, the Canadian Cancer Society estimated that one in two Canadians would be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Of those Canadians diagnosed with cancer, nearly 65% will live more than five years after their diagnosis.
The number of people seeking integrative therapies to improve the quality of their life lived with cancer continues to increase.
Patterson Institute for Integrative Oncology Research aims to ensure that the integrative therapies people are choosing are not harmful, will be effective and will not interfere with standard cancer treatment. By collating high quality evidence and making this information readily available, we will support patients and their health-care providers in making the best, evidence-informed decisions for their individual care. As clinical impact matches high quality evidence, true integration of cancer care can be reached.
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Patterson Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
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Our Founders
John and Thea Patterson are the founding donors of the Patterson Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Together, they personally experienced the pivotal role integrative cancer care filled through John’s ten-year journey with cancer.
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Our Research
Our research agenda encompasses the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of the patient journey.