Karim Lecture Series in Integrative Care
Founded through a generous donation from Dr. Rahim and Salima Karim, this lecture series will build a forum for showcasing and discussing the global best practices in integrative health care. This Lecture Series was created to mark the occasion of Dr. Rahim Karim’s installation as President and CEO of the
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

The inaugural lecture will be held in 2023.




Dr. Kenn Luby, ND Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in
Homeopathic Medicine
To honour the memory of Dr. Kenn Luby, ND, who passed away in August 2020, the Dr. Kenn Luby, ND Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Homeopathic Medicine was established in November 2020 by his husband David Klausner.
A graduate of CCNM, Dr Luby, ND taught immunology at CCNM and was the first ND to be invited to speak at the International AIDS conference. He dedicated his career to caring for people with HIV/AIDS, through naturopathic medicine with a primary focus on homeopathic medicine.
Kenn was a caring naturopathic doctor who epitomized so much of what makes the profession special. The number of lives he touched as teacher, supervisor, mentor, lecturer, volunteer and naturopathic doctor are no doubt countless.
An award of $2,500 will be awarded to two third- or fourth-year students at CCNM who demonstrate excellence in Homeopathic medicine.


Mubina Jiwa Memorial Scholarship
To honour the memory of Dr. Mubina Jiwa, ND, who passed away in October 2015, the Mubina Jiwa Memorial Scholarship was established in January 2016 by her husband Zahir Bhanji, and friends and colleagues Dr. Rahima Hirji, ND, and Dr. Joanna Sparrow, ND.
An award of $2,000 will be given to a second-year CCNM student who reflects the values embodied by Dr. Jiwa during her life and who demonstrates academic excellence in the naturopathic program. Once awarded to a recipient, the scholarship will continue on an annual basis until graduation (a total of $6,000 over three years), provided a minimum GPA of 3.7 is maintained.


Grateful Students

“I am extremely overjoyed and grateful to be the recipient of the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Award. My appreciation extends to the donors for recognizing my potential to make unique contributions towards mental health. These awards enable students like me to pursue the study of naturopathic medicine and further develop its role in mental health. Thank you to the NDs from the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic for their support and generosity.”


“I am honoured and immensely grateful to have received the Mubina Jiwa Memorial Scholarship. Her legacy of wisdom, compassion and magnetism is made clear by the impact she left on her close friends and family who created and maintain this scholarship. The financial support will allow me to focus on my studies, health and community.”