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Naturopathic doctor opportunity

We strive to put the care in health care, actively listening to our patients and examining the entire person. With skilled doctors of physical therapy and naturopathic medicine, our mission is to improve everyone’s well-being by aligning their health to their desired capabilities.
Our vision is to be our clients leader for wellness and health restoration. Our values of evidence-based practice, natural medicine, professionalism, and open communication provides a fostering environment for achieving personal health goals and allowing our clients to feel capable.
Why Join Connect?
  • Increase your capability
    • Covered overhead, be client centered
    • Constant access to new clients
    • In-house access to interdisciplinary treatment approach
  • We will help!
    • Market
    • Get you exposure to new clients
  • Huge capability to grow professionally
    • Medical director of naturopathic program
  • The transition will be EASY & SEAMLESS
Beta Phase
  • Overhead, expenses, etc is covered by Connect PT
  • You take ALL revenue initially → directly to pay check
  • Build to become salaried once target volume/revenue is reach→time frame is what you need
    • Goal: $80,000-110,000 salary; (median salary in the NE US)
Contact: Maryann Mancini, DPT, OCS, ITPT at

Application Deadline
August 30, 2022