CCNM is committed to providing a barrier-free environment that allows all people to maintain their independence and dignity.
Dispute Resolution
In an effort to resolve disputes equitably and expeditiously, the College has adopted a dispute resolution policy to enshrine the principles of natural justice into disputes between College stakeholders.
Fragrance-Free Facility
CCNM and RSNC are fragrance-free areas. Please do not wear any product that smells enough to be noticed by others, such as perfume, lotions and hair products.
Workplace Violence, Harassment,
and Sexual Harassment
All members of the CCNM community are expected to be respectful of other members of the community and those with whom they come into contact while representing CCNM. All forms of harassment and discrimination are prohibited.
Additional Academic and
CCNM Policies
To review additional academic and CCNM policies, please consult the academic calendar.