Participate in Primary Research

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Study

Osteoarthritis is a common, chronic joint condition that involves pain, stiffness and inflammation. This study is investigating the effectiveness of a natural cream at improving symptoms of arthritis of the knee. The cream contains rutin, a citrus flavonoid glycoside, and avocado and soybean phytosterols, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The study consists of 2 parts. The first part is 3 weeks long and placebo controlled – this means that you may receive the natural cream we are testing, or you may receive an inactive cream. The second part of the study is also 3 weeks long and all participants will try the natural cream.

Participant responsibilities:

The study consists of 1 screening visit and 6 follow-up visits at the clinic, plus the completion of some questionnaires in between visits. There will be 3 blood samples taken. You will be provided with a cream to apply twice per day for 6 weeks.

Exclusion criteria

  • Men or women of any age
  • Moderate-to-severe pain of the knee due to arthritis
  • Willing to avoid pain medication during the study
  • Not planning to become pregnant in the next two months
  • Current or ongoing use of homeopathic remedies within four weeks prior to enrolling in the study

Location of study:

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine


Six weeks


$30 per visit (up to $210 total)


Athritis of the knee joint

Dr. Maria Shapoval, ND
647-557-6111 ext 420

Recruitment closed