Academic Accommodations

CCNM will use all reasonable efforts to accommodate students with disabilities to provide them with education equity in order to meet the standards of the program. At the request of a student, reasonable accommodations will be provided with respect to the documented disability that affects the student’s ability in an academic setting.
Students will need to submit a completed medical documentation form (PDF) by a medical professional who is not affiliated with CCNM. For religious accommodations the religious accommodations form (PDF) will need to be completed by their religious leader. This documentation will be kept in confidence (separate from the student’s academic file) by accessibility services and used solely to assess requests for accommodations.
Once students have provided the appropriate documentation, accessibility services will assess, which includes the student counsellor and the associate dean of curriculum & residency. Students will then receive a letter from accessibility services, outlining any approved accommodations.
Accommodations provided by CCNM may or may not be acceptable to a given licensing board or examining body independent of the College. Students with disabilities are strongly advised to consult the naturopathic licensing board in the province or state in which they intend to be licensed.
Please Note: First-year students should register as soon as they are accepted to the College; do not wait until September. Accommodations can only begin after the request has been fully processed.

Accessibility Services

After acceptance to the program, students requiring academic accommodations must register with counselling and accessibility services.
Students can schedule a confidential appointment with Pouneh Kharabi, accessibility & student support advisor:
(416) 498-1255 ext. 347 or