Tuition, Refund, and Withdrawal Policies
CCNM is on a block/program tuition model which applies to both campuses. The block/program tuition fee applies to all students whose course load percentage falls between 76 per cent and 120 per cent, calculated on a term basis. Students who register and attend for two terms, who have an overall course load that falls below 76 per cent will have their fees adjusted to a cost per credit charge. For further information please refer to Academic Calendar (Tuition and Fees).
If an applicant is offered admission, a deposit of $2,000 is required to confirm acceptance of the offer. For the CCNM – Boucher Campus this deposit as per PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) will be required once all admission requirements have been satisfied. The deposit will be applied to the student’s first-year tuition fee. Please note that if an applicant withdraws their acceptance of the admission offer after 48 hours, but before the start of the program, or if they do not attend the first ten consecutive days of scheduled classes, they will receive a refund of the deposit and an administrative charge of $500 will be assessed. Withdrawals received after the start of the program will receive a refund calculated according to the program withdrawal policy.
Students who intend to withdraw from CCNM for any reason must request a withdrawal form from Student Services, then complete and submit the form as their written notice to the Office of the Registrar. The form must be dated and signed by the student. It is important to note that the date of form submission will be used as the withdrawal date from the program and will be reported for any loan purposes. If no form is received, the last date of attendance will be the effective date of withdrawal and will be the date used to close out the student’s account. Any tuition refunds or remaining financial obligations to the College will be assessed based on the last date of attendance. Failure to attend for 10 consecutive scheduled class days without notice will be deemed to constitute a withdrawal from the College.
Refund calculation for withdrawal from the program
Upon providing written notice of their decision to withdraw, the student’s refund will be assessed based on the time spent in the program. Once the program has started, if the student withdraws, the amount of tuition owing (earned tuition) will be prorated for the term, calculated on a course-by-course or block tuition basis using the following formula:
(Number of Weeks Prior to Withdrawal / Total Number of Weeks in the Term) x Course or Block Tuition = Earned Tuition (Tuition Owing)
Once the time spent in a course reaches past 11 weeks, no refund will be issued.
An administrative charge of $500 is assessed on withdrawals. The $500 administrative charge will be credited to the student’s account should that student return to the ND program within one year.
Deferral, discontinuation or cancellation of the program
In the event of deferral, cancellation or discontinuation of the program, the College will refund to the applicants unearned tuition. At their option, an applicant may choose to defer their application to the subsequent intake in which case the funds will be credited towards that intake start.
Withdrawal from a course(s)
Students who choose to withdraw from a specific course or courses must advise the Registrar's Office in writing using the Course Enrolment Adjustment Form found on the MYCCNM student portal and eCampus. Boucher Campus students in Years 3 - 4 should contact the Assistant Registrar.
The student's registration will be adjusted to reflect the course load reduction. The submission date of the request for the reduction in course load will be used to calculate the amount of the refund (if any).
Refund calculation for withdrawal from a course(s)
(Once a student has reduced their course load below 76 per cent, the refund (if any) for a specific course(s) will be calculated by the Registrar's Office as follows:
(Number of Weeks Prior to Course Withdrawal / Total Number of Weeks in the Term) x Course Tuition = Earned Tuition (Tuition Owing)
Once the time spent in the course(s) reaches past 11 weeks, no refund will be provided. If the course has not yet started, no tuition charges will be incurred.