COVID-19 Policy (Boucher Campus)
a. This COVID-19 Policy (Boucher Campus) (“Policy”) is to safeguard the health and well-being of the CCNM Community (Boucher Campus) by mitigating the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
b. This Policy formalizes CCNM’s requirements around Preventative Measures associated withCOVID-19 at its Boucher Campus.
a. This Policy applies to all members of the CCNM Community at the Boucher Campus.
a. “Applicant” means a person who has applied for admission to study at the CCNM BoucherCampus.
b. “Care Employees” means clinic supervisors, faculty, and staff who work in care facilities or CCNMTeaching Clinics.
c. “CCNM Community” means all students, Applicants, faculty, staff, visitors, contractors,volunteers, and patients at the Boucher Campus.
d. “CCNM Teaching Clinic(s)” means the Boucher Naturopathic Clinic, any External Sites where students are completing their clinical rotations, and any private clinic where students arecompleting an externship.
e. “COVID-19 Vaccination” means the administration of a complete series of doses, including anynecessary booster shots, of a vaccine approved by health authorities, aimed at providing immunityagainst COVID-19.
f. “External Sites” means ancillary locations, including community health centers and externalteaching clinics, which operate outside CCNM Boucher Campus facilities.
g. “Masks” means any mask or cloth face covering, including medical and non-medical masks thatfully covers the nose, mouth, and chin as recommended by public health authorities to reduce thetransmission of COVID-19.
h. “Patient Care Area” means any area in a CCNM Teaching Clinic that is accessible to patients andclients that are accessing care, including, hallways, and lobbies. Patient Care Areas do notinclude administrative areas or staff's private offices, which are not generally accessed by patientsor clients.
i. “Preventative Measures” means the actions and protocols, including physical distancing, hand hygiene, regular cleaning and disinfection, proper ventilation, health screening, and the use of Masks and COVID-19 Vaccinations, aimed at minimizing the risk and transmission of COVID-19 within the CCNM Boucher Campus community, guided by the latest public healthrecommendations and subject to updates as new information becomes available.
j. “Provincial Health Officer” means the British Columbia Provincial Health Officer.
a. All members of the CCNM Community share a social responsibility to contribute to the safety and well-being of all and will communicate the importance of this policy to all visitors to the College.
b. The Chief Naturopathic Medical Officer and Legal Counsel shall be responsible for remaining upto date with changing public health orders and regulations as they pertain to COVID-19 and anyenforced Preventative Measures.
c. The Human Resources Department will be responsible for maintaining COVID-19 Vaccinationstatus information of faculty and staff, if required by public health authorities.
d. The Student Services Department will be responsible for COVID-19 Vaccination status information of current students and applicants, if required by public health authorities.
a. This Policy is subject to any directives, mandates, or guidelines issued by public healthauthorities, government bodies, or other regulatory agencies.
b. In instances where these external mandates conflict with the Policy's provisions, the mandateswill take precedence, overriding the existing Policy terms to adapt to new health and safety standards.
a. This section applies to the following groups: Applicants, clinic interns completing their clinical rotations or externship at an External Site at the Boucher Campus, and Care Employees.
b. Those members of the CCNM Community outlined under Section 6(a) must:
  • provide proof of COVID-19 Vaccination and any mandatory updates to their vaccine series; or
  • provide proof of a medical exemption, provided by the Provincial Health Office of British Columbia which must include the period that this exemption is valid.
c. Clinic interns must have received the final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start of their clinical rotations, including any mandated updates to their vaccine series.
d. In accordance with applicable legislation:
  • CCNM may disclose information, on request, about the COVID-19 Vaccination of students and Employees on both an aggregate and individual level to the Provincial Health Officer or the medical health officer for the purpose of preventing, or responding to, exposures to, or clusters or outbreaks of, COVID-19 in a care location.
  • CCNM may disclose information, on request, about the COVID-19 Vaccination status of students and Employees in the aggregate, to the Private Training Institutions of Branch of British Columbia.
e. CCNM shall destroy all information about the COVID-19 Vaccination of an Applicant if the Applicant is not subsequently enrolled at CCNM Boucher Campus.
f. All COVID-19 Vaccination disclosures shall be stored in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, shall only be used to implement this Policy, administer health and safety protocols, and support infection prevention and control measures in the workplace.
a. Though not mandatory, all members of the CCNM Community at the Boucher Campus are encouraged to wear masks.
b. Further, within the CCNM Teaching Clinics:
  • Clinic Supervisors and Clinic Interns must wear a Face Covering when requested to do so by a patient; and
  • Clinic Supervisors may mandate a Clinic Intern to wear a Face Covering if the patient’s condition necessitates.
c. Should this Policy conflict with those set by External Sties, the policy of the External Site shall prevail; except as noted under Section 7(b) of this Policy.
Date effective: April 1, 2024