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Naturopathic aesthetics clinical series: managing facial skin aging
Credits: 7 Category A
Venue: Online
Open to: Students NDs Health-care practitioners
Course type: On-demand

Course description
This course provides aesthetically focused naturopathic providers with a deeper understanding, appreciation, and an evidence-focused basis for incorporating key naturopathic aesthetic therapies. This will include a wide variety of topical cosmeceuticals, dietary interventions, oral supplements, and lifestyle modifications relating to the management of facial skin aging. This course builds on and dives deeper into information reviewed in the Introduction to Naturopathic Aesthetics course. It is designed to provide a variety of unique facets for facial skincare in your naturopathic aesthetics practice.
Learning objectives:
  • Understand the various processes that contribute to facial skin aging
  • Explore and discuss common myths surrounding facial skin aging and cosmeceutical product use
  • Review research surrounding established, traditional and emerging cosmeceuticals
  • Identify sources of both endogenous and exogenous AGEs
  • Discuss the impact of inadequate sleep, circadian rhythms, oral supplementation, and stress on the signs of skin aging

Dr. Rob Ayoup, ND
Dr Rob Ayoup, ND, completed his B.Sc. in psychology from McGill University. He then attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and graduated in 2002. The bridge into naturopathic aesthetics began soon after graduation. Upon completing additional training in cosmetic facial and cellulite acupuncture, Dr. Ayoup soon found a strong interest in his patient population for less invasive and natural approaches to skin health and beauty. This was accelerated by the recognition that this realm of natural-based cosmetics and cosmetic techniques was underexplored in the naturopathic field. As Dr. Ayoup studied and integrated these therapies into his practice, he quickly realized how much naturopathic therapies, and especially our approach, can offer in the arena of aesthetics medicine. Working within various medical spa and fitness facilities has provided a wonderful opportunity to share naturopathic aesthetics with a wide population. Building on his passion for constant learning and teaching, Dr. Ayoup is eager to educate his fellow NDs as to this exciting application of naturopathic medicine.