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Advanced naturopathic oncology – GI cancers
Credits: 9 Category A + 1 Pharmacology (Pending)
Venue: Webinar
Open to: NDs Health-care practitioners
Course type: On-demand

Biologic medications are the fastest growing and most complex drug class in medicine. In this four-part series Dr. Anderson will break down the pharmacology and clinical uses of these drugs and how natural therapies interact with them.

Learning outcomes
  • Learn what a biologic medication is
  • Describe the general classes of these medications
  • Understand the differences between older biologics and newer classes
  • Discuss general mechanisms of action for each class
  • Comprehend common uses of each class
  • Discover how the same drugs are often used in cancer and autoimmunity and why
  • Learn the common natural medications used with these drugs and any cautions or contraindications found in their combination
  • Learn when it is unsafe to remove these drugs from a patients care plan
  • Understand when these drugs must be removed due to adverse events
  • Learn how to manage the patient who has had the biologic removed
  • Discuss the process of safe tapering and red flags to monitor with all patients on biologic medication strategies
Course format

Part 1 - Pharmacology and Mechanisms of Action
Part 2 - Efficacy and Safety
Part 3 - Improving Efficacy and Safety and Managing Patients on Biologics
Part 4 - Safe Tapering or D/C Practices

Total: 6-hours (1.5 hours per part)


Dr. Dan Lander, ND
Dr. Daniel Lander, ND, is naturopathic doctor licensed in the province of Ontario and the state of Vermont. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO), and an associate professor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where he teaches clinical nutrition and integrative oncology, as well as supervises student interns on the adjunctive cancer care focus at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. His previous clinical experience includes naturopathic treatment in a variety of settings, including an integrative cancer care hospital and community health centers for low-income families and people with HIV/AIDS. He is committed to the integration of naturopathic medicine in conventional cancer care and educating future naturopathic doctors.
Dr. Elise Benczkowski, ND
Originally from Toronto, Dr. Benczkowski, ND is a graduate of the University of Toronto and CCNM, Class of 2014. After graduation, she completed a two-year, hospital-based residency in naturopathic oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and subsequently worked as a staff naturopathic doctor for the organization until she obtained fellowship status with the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO). After a period of private practice in Maryland, Dr. Benczkowski, ND, is now currently a naturopathic doctor at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre, working to support patients with cancer at all stages of the disease with an integrative, patient-empowered approach.